Born in the southeast, bred in New York City, and relished by anyone who's ever taken a second to listen, Honest Wagner's sound can only be described as "Suburban Dad Country Alt Rock." In the Spring of 2021, long-time friends and collaborators, Brooks Wood and Cameron Mitchell, came together to form a new musical venture. The concept wasn't incredibly novel as the duo had played together for nearly 13 years at that point (The Barnstorm, 3G1C, as well as each other's solo endeavors). However, the forming of Honest Wagner marked a "reset" for the duo in their synergistic efforts as a two-headed songwriting unit. The name "Honest Wagner" was born from a play on the name of one of the greatest baseball players to ever live (both Wood and Mitchell are avid baseball fans). Honest Wagner's live performances can range from stripped down acoustic duo sets, full on rock & roll shows, and pretty much all points in between.